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Why Me?

There are a lot of web designers and web developers.
Why choose Spin Web Design for your web site?


I am semi-retired and would just like to stay busy. You'll get my 18+ years experience at an entry level price. For example, a web site similar to this could cost as little as USD450.

Mobile Friendly

Your web site will be mobile friendly. This is called responsive web design. Visitors will be able to easily view your web site on all of the most common size devices around the world.

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Fast Results

I build most web sites within a couple of days and any future updates are completed typically within a business day.

I Host, You Host

I can host your web site for you at USD5 per month or you can host it yourself. Regardless, the web site I develop is yours* and you keep control of your domain name.

*Imagery not provided by you may have copyright restrictions.


I offer WordPress sites for blogging. The power of WordPress is amazing yet still easy for you to use. WordPress web sites start at USD1400 and are hosted on my GoDaddy.com server + hosting fees - see below.

One Page or More

Many web sites can be a single page (like this web site) but if you want multiple pages that is no problem either. Afterall, it is your web site.

More Details

Web sites and hosting come with a lot features, many of which are free. Below are details on just some of the features and services provided by Spin Web Design and associated cost if any.

1 Time Development CostStarting at USD450Starting at USD1,400
Hosting - Paid Annually6075
Email Accounts1 free email account1 free email account
Additional Email AccountEach 5 additional accounts: USD10/yearEach 5 additional accounts: USD10/year
SEO Content UpdatesUSD10/update or USD40/hourSelf-service: Free; Full-service: USD10/update or USD40/hour
Photo GalleryIncludedIncluded
Contact FormIncludedIncluded
SSL/TLS (https)IncludedIncluded
Size of Site (MB)UnlimitedUnlimited
Size of Database (MB)N/A1GB
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Spin Web Design codes web sites with SEO as a priority. Proper html is used to add significance where needed bringing emphasis to the key words of your business. It is those key words we hope visitors are searching with to find your web site. Key words are used in headings, titles, alt tags for images, sentences and more. It is when the key words used on your site match those that the visitor has search for that your web site will be found in a search engine.

Search engines also prefer web sites that are responsive - sites that display as effectively on mobile devices as they do on computers. Spin Web Design specializes in responsive web site design.

Absolutely! You know your business better than I do and you know what message your prospective customers will need to hear prior to selecting you. Part of keeping a web site affordable comes from you supplying me all of the content I will need, thus minimizing the time I am researching or redoing work that doesn't meet your standards.

I am also a semi-retired web developer that it is just looking to stay busy and earn a little extra money while doing so. I don't have the overhead like a big mortgage and a fancy car so I can pass the savings onto you.

The project starts with a 25% deposit. After all content has been supplied by you to Spin Web Design we will design and code the site. At first review of the site by you another 25% payment will be made. Once Spin Web Design has completed the the final design 50% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch.

Hosting is paid annually at 12x the monthly rate.

After all content has been supplied by you to Spin Web Design most sites can be coded within a week.

Absolutely! Spin Web Design has no interest in holding "hostage" your content, your images, your anything. We will strive to make you happy so you don't want to leave but if you do we will help make the transistion as easy as possible. As well, your domain name, i.e., yourwebsitename.com, is yours. We keep nothing but the code used to build the site.

No, you can use your own host but Spin Web Design suggests hosting through us. Why? Because it is one of the reasons my fees are low: I know my host and I work quickly and efficiently with them. As well, you'll likely save 50% or more on hosting fees when you host with Spin Web Design. Spin Web Design utilizes Godaddy.com as a host, one the most reliable hosts available.

If you are transferring your hosting into Spin Web Design we will work closely with you to ensure minimal to no impact on recieving of email and web site presence.




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